Fresh Habits Presents: Ebbets Field Flannels

Ebbets Field Flannels are a brand that speak to us on numerous levels, they recognise the importance of history and heritage and they do not adhere to fashion seasons. They make quality garments with exceptional passion. Pure and simple.

Their name refers to Ebbets Field, a Major League Baseball park that was located in Flatbush, Brooklyn between 1913 and 1960. The stadium was present for what many consider to be the golden age of baseball, and the roaring twenties saw many stadiums expand their capacity and Ebbets Field managed to keep up to a certain extent, although it was always relatively small in comparison to other stadiums at the time.┬áIt was home to the Brooklyn Dodgers for just over 40 years, but in 1955 the Dodgers won the World Series and soon began to suffer from their own success. The stadium could rarely seat more than 35,000 people and it was unable to expand (due to neighbourhood constraints) for its burgeoning fan base. In a dramatic turn of events, franchise owner Walter O’Malley opted to move the Dodgers to Los Angeles, in what is considered to be one of the most notorious abandonments in the history of sports. That was it for the Cathedral, as it was known, and it was demolished shortly thereafter in 1960.

Ebbets have been making vintage Baseball shirts for over 20 years, recapturing the romanticism and pure Americana of early 20th century Baseball. Their authentic wool flannel Baseball Jerseys are identical to the originals in both fabric and craftsmanship. All of their flannels are carefully researched and recreated using the original materials, lettering, sleeve patches and trim.

For this latest feature we wanted to highlight and present some of our favourite Ebbets pieces.

-Bowery Boy

Photography/Videography – Dom Fleming

Styling – Jay Hiest & Sam Thompson

Models – Olivier & Red @ Nevs